Meet Kelli, our Administrative Assistant / Dental Receptionist!

Meet Kelli, our Administrative Assistant / Dental Receptionist!
Posted on 07/19/2018

Kelli is caring and passionate. She will go above and beyond to help Dr. Steckelberg and our patients. Kelli has been a joy to work with these past two years and she enjoys teasing Dr. Steckelberg from time to time (totally awesome!). Her personal motto is, “Kelli, you got this!” One person that Kelli admires is her sister, a strong woman who is inspiring with her faith and positivity.

A few of Kelli’s daily habits include walking her dog, Chewy, reading and spending time with her daughter. In her spare time, Kelli loves going to concerts, sporting events, camping and enjoying a nice restaurant meal. Causes that she holds close to her heart are the PKD Foundation and homelessness in America. If she could be anywhere other than here, right this minute, Kelli would choose to be on a beach.

On Sunday mornings, you can usually find Kelli cuddling with her daughter in the recliner, while watching the news. If you run into Kelli at happy hour, a good surprise would be to bring her a pomegranate martini and sushi (yum!). When not working, Kelli is happiest spending time with family or just being outdoors. She loves the fresh air.

Make sure to tell Kelli hello the next time you are in the office!