“I love Steckelberg Dental! Growing up, I always hated trips to the dentist. Dr. Steckelberg & her staff are much different than any other dental team I've ever experienced. Dr. Steckelberg is very gentle in the care she provides, and takes the time to explain procedures in terms I can understand. She makes me feel so comfortable I have even fallen asleep in the exam chair during procedures. I feel like Dr. Steckelberg truly cares about me and my oral health. I wish all healthcare providers would take care of their patients in the same manner.”

"I have never had another dentist be so thorough with my examinations. Dr. Steckelberg takes the time to explain the procedures to me and I enjoy going to the dentist! Recently, she fitted me for an orthotic, which has almost eliminated by TMJ pain.”

“Let me preface my comments by stating that I am 57 and I have had only TWO dentists in my life, Dr. Derryl Ogden, starting in 1963, until he retired and referred me to my new dentist Dr. Melanie Steckelberg. Without hesitation I can say Derryl was, in my opinion, the top notch dentist in Lincoln! He taught and lectured at UNL College of Dentistry and was well respected in the field! He told me ‘I am not even giving you a chance to shop around! I will be sending your records to Dr. Steckelberg. She is the brightest and best rising star on your horizon! I guarantee you won’t regret it.’

I must say I have never. Dr. Melanie has done exceptional work on my teeth; crowns, inlays, repairing cavities, etc. Whenever I chew everything fits with total comfort and she always checks while working by asking me How are you doing? Feeling ok?, etc. I even enjoy watching CNN on the ceiling! I feel so at ease. She also has a great location near 33rd and Sheridan, early hours, etc.

Dr. Melanie also tries to time her work and adjust methods and/or materials so you have several choices depending on whatever dental insurance you have!

I always have and will recommend her to family, friends, work associates, etc. If I talk to them and they are griping about the dentist they currently have or are moving to Lincoln, I enjoy giving them advice and feel confident they will always thank me later.” 

Names withheld by Steckelberg Dental for HIPAA reasons. Please ask Dr. Steckelberg if you have any questions about this. Thank you!