Meet Deb, our Dental Hygienist!

Meet Deb, our Dental Hygienist!
Posted on 07/26/2018
Deb is our Dental Hygienist

Deb is a joy to work with and has been a wonderful addition to the team at Steckelberg Dental. Deb grew up in Northeast Nebraska, not too far away from Dr. Steckelberg’s hometown. However, Deb and Dr. Steckelberg did not meet until about 10 years ago. They worked together at a public health clinic and at school dental screenings.

Deb works Mondays as a dental hygienist. Her personal motto is, “Enjoy every day, even the cloudy ones!” Deb is warm, caring and has a friendly personality. She admires her mother, as she was the best role model. Deb is one of 6 siblings and has 28 nieces and nephews. Causes that are dear to her heart include a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and supporting the Alzheimer’s Association.

On Sunday mornings, you can usually find Deb enjoying a cup of coffee, while reading the paper. But if you caught her at happy hour, make sure to order her a beer and either wings or Nachos. If Deb could be anywhere other than here, right at this minute, she would be in Mexico. In her spare time, Deb likes to go to a movie and have a nice meal at a restaurant. At some point before she dies, Deb would like to go on a Hot Air Balloon!