Why You Should Opt for Professional Teeth Whitening

Why You Should Opt for Professional Teeth Whitening
Posted on 09/30/2019
Professional teeth whitening

It’s natural to want a smile that lights up a room. However, the strips or gels available at the grocery store or pharmacy are not always reliable methods of getting even, white teeth. For example, it can be hard for home applicators to control how much of the active ingredients wind up on each tooth, resulting in some that are brighter than others. In other cases, the solution can irritate the gum line, causing a burning sensation that can last days. Instead, those interested in seeing quicker, higher-quality results should turn to their dentist for assistance.

In-House Whitening Treatments

Power whitening, also known as “laser whitening,” can bring about immediate results—brightening your teeth by up to six shades with a one- or two-hour treatment versus the several weeks needed for at-home kits. Your dentist will first remove any plaque on the surface of your teeth. Then, with a protective rubber shield on your gums, they will apply the teeth whitening agent. A laser is often used to speed up the whitening process. Not only is this method safer than others, but its results are generally longer-lasting.

Opalescence® Custom Whitening Trays

Professional teeth cleaning image 2Some patients prefer at-home treatments as they can be more affordable. However, they should still talk to their dentist about their goals. Rather than relying on imprecise strips that either don’t cover the full teeth or extend over the gum line, they can create custom mouth trays and provide you with whitening gel to ensure a more controlled application. Usually, you can receive yours only a few days after coming into the office so that the dentist could take a mold of your teeth.