Gratitude Tree – Month of November

Gratitude Tree – Month of November
Posted on 10/30/2018
Gratitude Tree

Visit our office during the month of November and participate in the Gratitude tree project. What is the Gratitude tree project? It is an annual project during the month of November, where you create a dedicated space (a tree) to encourage the habit of practicing gratitude and welcome in the season of thanksgiving. The project is open to all! We have the supplies, just take a moment to write down something that you are thankful for and hang it on our indoor tree.

Expressing gratitude daily can improve your life in the physical, psychological and social aspects. You can have higher levels of positive emotions, while feeling more alert, alive and awake. Expressing gratitude daily can help you sleep longer and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Tropical Plant

Come join us during the month of November by expressing Gratitude when visiting our office. Dr. Steckelberg believes in this project and wanted to leave you with a few of her expressions of gratitude (each a bit too long to fit on the tree)! I am grateful for my loved ones, staff members, friends and wonderful patients. It is true that I think of many patients as friends. Coming to work every day is easy, as I know that I will receive many smiles and blessings from patients and staff alike. I am thankful for our proximity to the Omaha Zoo. It is easy to escape the winter cold by going into the Lied Jungle and the Desert Dome; they come with an easy guarantee to remove your coat! Marveling at the plants and animals is truly a nice escape any time of year.

I am grateful that my family travels together and explores the U.S.A, including several National Parks recently. I hope to continue my quest to visit as many National Parks as possible. The Junior Ranger program is a great way to get children involved in the National Parks experience.

Please consider joining us on our inaugural Gratitude Tree Project!

All my best,
Dr. Melanie A. Steckelberg

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